The old saying, “it takes a village” refers to the raising of a child and how it requires more than one or two people to do it, family, grandparents, childcare, neighbours and friends.

As entrepreneurs we often refer to our businesses as babies and I think that’s why that old saying also resonates with me when it comes to Emu Ink. We’ve been doing so much for so many years to get to the next step, and the one after that – but we haven’t done it alone. Funny enough, we’ve done a lot of it with the same people!

Yesterday, at a Funding and Scaling event held by Furthr in The Guinesses Enterprise Centre, I was reminded of how important it is to have the support of the people we know but also how invaluable it is to have the backing of people we don’t know… well not right then anyway!

Furthr is doing great work to give every support possible to businesses at different stages and I was delighted to listen to Sharon Keegan, Founder and CEO of Peachylean sport and leisurewear, talk about her journey to date and her plans for the future.

A number of years back both Sharon and I attended one of the best accelerators I’ve ever been on, the DCU Ryan Academy’s Female High Fliers, nut on different cohorts. This was a place we both received top quality support, business education, encouragement, and guidance.

Sharon, since her time there, has gone on to do wonderful things and our own Emu Ink dream has continued to thrive and grow – because that’s what this kind of support does. It helps you to reach that next step and the one after.

And while everyone’s steps may differ at certain stages, we all start out the same – with baby steps and that’s why it’s important to build that village.

By Emer Cleary
Founder & CEO
Emu Ink Publishing