General Questions

Once registered, the school will be given a choice of term within which it will have access to the members’ area of the website. In this time the school will be expected to complete the course (which is loosely based on a two-hour timeframe, once a week for four weeks). Once the course is finished and the copy sent back to Emu Ink, the school will be given an estimated delivery date for its books.

The course is FREE to take part in. There is, however, a minimum order of 50 books required on registration.

The price ranges between €9 and €13 per copy depending on your final order number (The higher the order the lower the price). This pays for the production of the book, layout and design, the printing, one digital proof copy and post/delivery of your order to your door.

All schools differ in size so we advise that you speak with us to discuss pupil numbers and pagination.

Yes, you decide whom you would like to take part. All writers are individual and our schools’ programme is a guideline, to be used to draw out each individual’s idea and to build on that. It is suitable for primary school pupils and is easy to follow. Younger students (Junior and Senior Infants, First Class) do not need to follow the course but instead, can use the simple worksheets developed especially for them.

You can use the programme to write anything you like. The lessons are aimed at assisting those writing short stories but for anyone wishing to submit poetry or simply thoughts, they are most welcome. The latter options may be more suitable for the younger classes.

Once you have registered and Emu Ink has processed the 50-book minimum required, we will supply your login and password details.

Yes, a minimum order of 50 copies must be paid for at registration point. The school will need to process the initial payment for these, but can recoup that outlay by the end of the course when final order numbers have been taken and payment from parents received. For example, each student will take an order form (which will be available from the members’ area) home and return it stating the required number of copies from that household. If 100 students take part and order 2 copies each, 150 extra copies will be required. As students must return payment to their school with the order form, the school can then deduct the initial cost of the minimum order and pay the remaining balance to Emu Ink.

Alternatively the school can take payment upfront from the first 50 pupils, in order to register.

Emu Ink will only process the printing on receipt of full payment, which must be done by the end of the term and before termination of access to the members’ area.

The course is essentially free to take part in so there is very high demand, and Emu Ink needs to allocate time for the production of all books for all schools. This minimum print run requirement guarantees your participation and is refunded to the school through the students’ parents when they order the copies.

There is no minimum required but we advise that at least 30 students, at one story/submission each, take part.

Yes, you can simply add a euro or two to the selling price in order to make a profit for fundraising. The price per copy that you pay to Emu Ink is the best possible price considering everything it includes, so once it is paid you reprice to cover that and make a little extra if you want to fundraise for your school.

Once the school is finished writing the book the main contact (so the person collating the stories between classes – we suggest that each teacher provides their class’s submission in one word document to this main contact) is required to feed the full copy into a single word document and send to Emu Ink then builds the book file, creates the cover and conducts formatting and layout checks before print. In short, when the copy is submitted the school’s work is done!

We advise that short stories be no more that 1,000 words but the book is also open to poetry and thoughts, so submissions may differ.

Yes, the whole school can access the members’ area so if more than one book is required the same minimum order applies. A second book, however, will only be approved if the maximum page count is filled in the first, by any one school.

Whatever order you like! You might want to have sixth class down to junior infants or vice versa, or you may decide to mix students up in no particular order. Whatever way you do it, a contents list must be provided at the start of the book and should indicate each author name, story title, class and age.

Uniquely the Emu Ink Schools’ Publishing Programme allows the writers to produce the cover art. We encourage schools to use their art classes to allow students to each design a symbol that represents their story. The school must then choose the top 31 designs and submit them, along with the school logo, as high res jpegs with their final copy. Emu Ink will then work those pictures into the cover design.

The process is simple. First of all, decide how many students/classes are taking part then organise to do the course at a time that suits you within your chosen term. Pick a deadline day for all teachers to have their class’s work finished and sent to the main contact, then all the main contact needs to do is collate the final submissions and submit the stories as one file. There is a submission section in the members’ area, which takes you through the five easy steps to sending your book (and another for your cover) for publication. Once sent Emu Ink takes care of the rest and you simply wait for your book to arrive!

Every teacher will supply his/her students with an individual order form (available to download from the members’ area of the site) to take home. At home parents will fill the short form out, indicating how many copies of the book they would like before sending it back to the teacher with the relevant amount of money. Once all forms are gathered, the teacher will then calculate the total number of copies required from his/her class and give that information to the main contact. When all classes have returned their forms, the main contact will use the “Order From – Main Contact” from the site to submit the final number to Emu Ink, and arrange payment.

Yes, the school can order another run of books down the line but it will need to be a 50-copy minimum.

The course should be started as near to the start of the chosen term as possible. A guideline of two hours per week for four weeks (to work through the lessons) is given; but to give yourself the chance to finish writing, collate the file and artwork for the cover and collect the order forms and money before then submitting all, it is best to give yourself the full term.

Never be stuck. If you have a query or need guidance on some aspect of the process email

Yes, as you are feeding the full copy into a word file before submitting we advise a full spellcheck is done. Before you start, however, ensure that it is set to UK English for Irish schools.

Yes, the idea of the course is to give students the tools and advice to guide them on the art of editing and proofing, as well as developing their writing skills. These skills should be applied throughout, as final copy submitted is what will go to print.

Absolutely! All of our schools so far have celebrated with a book launch. This is the perfect way to gather writers, staff and parents together to applaud the efforts of the children, to hear some readings from the book and to celebrate real published authors! Registered schools will have access to a book launch poster – all members have to do is fill in the details of their own launch and send it home with their junior authors. They will also have access to a certificate of achievement template for presentation to each child at the launch.

In order to get going you must first register your school. You can do this here. One you have registered you will receive a confirmation email, which will inform you that a member of our team will be in touch to process your minimum book order, after which you will be provided with a login and password. This will enable you to access the members’ area of the site where all of the lessons will be available to you throughout the term, as well as the latest Vlogs and various posters and certificates.

Yes, you can read our policy statement and relevant links here.

Happy writing! We look forward to publishing your work…