Exciting news for Ireland’s indie writers! Paul Lynch, the celebrated winner of the Booker Prize, has been announced as the patron of the CAP (Carousel Aware Prize) for Independent Authors, which has opened for this year’s submissions.

Paul, whose book “The Prophet Song” wowed readers and critics alike, said he is delighted to give his backing. “This is an important initiative, bringing the cream of brave and original, Irish independently published books out to readers, whilst being a fundraiser for the mental health charity Aware.”

Since 2016 the CAP Awards have been shining a spotlight on the very best of Ireland’s indie authors, giving them a chance to showcase their talent to the world and, with Lynch on board, it’s gaining even more attention.

However, it’s not just about recognition, the CAP Awards also do something else that is pretty amazing – all money raised from the process and awards night itself, goes to Aware, a charity supporting mental health. So, every submission and every award are helping a good cause by supporting a non-profit organisation that provides education, support, and information around depression and bipolar disorder, as well as promoting positive mental health.

Carolann Copland, the organiser of the CAP Awards, is passionate about indie publishing and believes it’s changing the game in the literary world. As well as having Paul Lynch on board this year, Carolann, and the reputation she has cultivated around the awards, have secured a dedicated committee and a panel of high-profile judges, who themselves are top authors.

This year Emer Cleary, Founder of Emu Ink Publishing is sitting on the committee of the CAP Awards. At Emu Ink, we’re dedicated to fostering creativity and turning children into authors, so we are proud to support initiatives like the CAP Awards that celebrate the talent of those publishing independently in Ireland.

“We have published the work thousands of pupils from across the island of Ireland and I admire the CAP Awards for providing a platform for independent authors to shine. This is something that is very inspiring for young writers too” said Emer.

“We work with schools and communities, and by raising funds for Aware, everyone involved with CAP is contributing to change and a positive impact in those communities. We’re thrilled to support this initiative and look forward to the discovery of new talent.”

“With submissions now open, we encourage indie authors across Ireland to share their stories and be a part of this exciting journey” she added.

For more information about the CAP Awards visit capawards.ie