A Snapshot in Time, the book proudly published by Emu Ink for Educate Together, has been officially launched.

Front cover of 'A Snapshot in Time', The official launch of A Snapshot in Time, an Educate Together publication

The AGM in Griffith Barracks was the perfect venue to release this gorgeous publication into the world and we were there to take in what was a wonderful atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

Over the past year, our Education Specialist, Fintan McCutcheon, who is the former Principal of Balbriggan Educate Together, has worked tirelessly with ET and affiliated primary schools across Ireland on the “one thing” that they each wanted to share – something they, as a school, were proud to share.

The result is a hugely impressive compendium of articles on everything from Forest Schools to Climate Change Action, Restorative Practice, Art Education and theatre to name a few.

The book is a superb showcase of just some of the many reasons that Educate Together schools are excelling and growing at rapid speed.

We are delighted that this book is out there, as the release of it also signifies, for Emu Ink, a proud snapshot in our own time.